We want you to be successful in your learning of the Arabic language and the Quran

We want to help non-Arabic speaking Muslims to learn Arabic more easily to understand the Quran and have a good understanding of the religion.

We support students in their learning process in order to acquire the key to science.

About me

I am from a small Caribbean island, I converted to Islam in 2014, in Paris.

I studied the Arabic language in Alexandria at the Al-Isbaah Arabic language center and then in Cairo at the Al-Ibaanah Arabic language center.

Egypt is the first Muslim country I traveled to, the country where I got married and the country where the idea of “madrassa online” was born.

I practice Islam in the middle ground, on the voice of the pious predecessors and I disavow myself of the lost sects.

Today, I live between Morocco and Saudi Arabia from where I develop madrassa online and other projects.

May Allah grant us sincerity and facilitate our access to science.

Some of our teachers

Asma, from Egypt

Teaches Arabic and Quran

She has been teaching since early 2018 on madrassa online.
She taught literacy, reading and writing by the “Nouraniyya” method to the elderly and to children in institute.

Imane, from Egypt

Teaches the Arabic language

She has been teaching since 2017 with the madrassa online team.
She has worked in teaching the Arabic language to children through the Montessori Method.

Hanaa, from Morocco

Teaches the Arabic language

It has been offering Arabic lessons (tutoring) since 2012 (Moroccan program).
She has been teaching the Arabic language for French-speaking sisters in two online centers since 2019.

Zohra, from Algeria

Teaches the Arabic language

She has been teaching since the end of 2018 on madrassa online.
She taught in a primary school (5-10 years) for 4 years.

Omar, from Algeria

Teaches Arabic and Quran

He has been teaching the Arabic language, the Quran and its sciences for several years in various institutes.

Abd Allah, from France

Teaches the Arabic language

He has been teaching children since 2014 as a volunteer, since 2017 to adults.

What do you want to learn ?